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Toni Braxton & Babyface

Toni Braxton & Babyface

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  • ABC News Gives “Love, Marriage & Divorce” 4 Stars!


    In the late 80’s and early nineties, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds was the man you wanted to go to when you wanted a strong R&B pop hit. Here, he has reteamed with one of his biggest success stories, Toni Braxton to tell a story about love gone wrong. The pairing brings back positive associations. This record seems gloriously stuck in a time warp. Honestly, Babyface and Braxton give us a glimpsing reminder of what high-quality R&B radio used to offer its listeners. Even when the two are hitting the “divorce” part of the record, it never sounds like a downer. It’s two pros rekindling the pop magic. Considering this is Babyface’s first album in 7 years and Braxton’s first album in 4 years, this album delivers a much needed shot in the arm. This record was an extremely smart move.

    Focus Tracks:

    “I Hope That You’re Okay” This is vintage Babyface. Over a snappy beat with some warm synths he sings to a former paramour that he hopes she is doing well post-breakup. Even the way Babyface quietly repeats the title over the beat at the beginning of the track is catchy.

    “Hurt You” This song strongly recalls the golden eras of both artists. Considering Braxton built her name singing sad love songs like “Unbreak My Heart” and the appropriately titled “Another Sad Love Song,” this kind of regretful lament is firmly in her wheelhouse. And yet, one can imagine this getting the electronic remix treatment and becoming a dance smash.

    “Where Did We Go Wrong?” Perhaps this is the album’s thesis statement. This is the crux of it all as they ask each other, “Where did we go wrong? Is it all my fault?” It is the moment in the relationship where it all falls apart. Babyface has a nice falsetto turn here.

    “Sweat” From the slightly happier, more lust-driven portion of the relationship, this is when the couple just begins to fight. But they have a novel idea. Instead of fighting with each other, they decide to “take it to the bed” and “sweat it out.” This is radio-ready smooth-lovin’ R&B gold with a really strong hook.

    “Take It Back” This is a moment of reconsideration. Over a strong tune, the two debate whether to reconcile. It is a nostalgic slow-jam about trying to rekindle lost love. Like the rest of this album, this emphasizes both performers’ level of skill. This is one of the smartest pop R&B albums I have heard in a long time, capturing human emotion and painting a picture of troubled and tumultuous time.

    Read the entire review HERE.

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  • Toni And Babyface on TV One Tonight

    Be sure to watch Toni Braxton and Babyface share their tales of “Love, Marriage and Divorce” as they jam to new songs from their forthcoming album, in addition to old classics on HelloBeautiful’s InterludesLive special, airing exclusively on TV One, tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

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  • Toni & Kenny TV Takeover!

    Don’t miss Toni and Kenny performing songs from “Love, Marriage & Divorce” on ABC’s Good Morning America, tomorrow (2/7) at 7:00 a.m. EST.

    Afterwards, be sure to tune in to ABC’s Live with Kelly & Michael at 9:00 a.m. EST for another performance!

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  • Toni Braxton and Babyface team up to sing about when relationships break down (via The Washington Post)

    Many R&B singers have recorded music about their divorces, and every R&B musician has mined his or her love life for material. That includes singer Toni Braxton and producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

    “Love, Marriage & Divorce” is a new album of duets from the frequent collaborators, who helped define the genre in the ’90s. It’s hard to imagine they have anything to say that hasn’t already been explored in their 50-plus combined years of experience.

    And yet, they do. Fans have experienced the ups and downs of their personal lives during the years thanks to tabloids, reality television and their songs, but “Love, Marriage & Divorce” is a fresh, honest look at the ways in which relationships fall apart.

    (Babyface married film producer Tracey Edmonds in 1992; they divorced in 2005. Braxton married Mint Condition keyboardist Keri Lewis in 2001; they divorced in 2013.) Braxton and Edmonds not only offer up an enjoyable listen, they let us know that it’s okay to think a breakup is no big deal, or to wish your ex good luck — but also gonorrhea.

    The title is a bit misleading. The album is more about the divorce and broken relationships than it is about falling in love and getting married; the material about splitting up is not only more plentiful, but more interesting. The singles trickling out (“Hurt You,” “Roller Coaster”) are perfectly lovely songs, but don’t represent the tone of the album. Taken as a whole, “Love, Marriage & Divorce” covers every stage of a breakup with humor, wisdom, wit, occasional pettiness and self-awareness.

    At a time when popular R&B seems dominated by breakup songs that only express a few emotions — despair, delight at having dodged a bullet or anger fiery enough to prompt one to commit personal property damage — “Love, Marriage & Divorce” offers a more nuanced look at calling it quits. On “Sweat,” a couple in trouble comes to the mature decision to take out their aggression in the bedroom instead of yelling, screaming and insulting each other’s mothers. “I’d Rather Be Broke” explores the idea that sometimes it’s better for one’s sanity to walk away from a comfortable lifestyle than to stay mired in craziness.

    Because Edmonds and Braxton are longtime friends and colleagues (Edmonds even talked Braxton out of retiring recently, as viewers of the reality show “Braxton Family Values” likely know), they have an easy chemistry that not only results in some luscious music but keeps the project from being a downer.

    The artists also trade off lead vocals duties, in a cool sort of “he said/she said” format. On “I Hope That You’re Okay,” Babyface expresses concern for an ex, offering the oh-so-grown-up sentiment that although it’s “time to call it a day,” he wishes her nothing but the best. “I hope that we’re good,” he sings.

    Just when you’re thinking, “Wow, this is a really mature album! Adults can actually behave like adults sometimes,” Braxton responds with the opening lines of “I Wish.” This song, which sounds like a tongue-in-cheek version of Braxton’s signature ballad, “Unbreak My Heart,” is about not wishing one’s ex well. “I hope she gives you a disease, so that you will see,” Braxton sings. “Not enough to make you die, but only make you cry — like you did to me.”

    On “Reunited” the pair sings about “getting back to the business of love,” but then Braxton stomps all over the idea of reconciliation while gleefully singing over an up-tempo dance track: “You know you want it back, that’s why you’re ’bout to have a heart attack,” she sings on “Heart Attack.”

    Sonically, “Love, Marriage & Divorce” isn’t a big leap for either Edmonds or Braxton — Babyface is still fond of lacing his productions with acoustic guitar and wind chimes; Braxton’s ever-smoky voice is unchanged, and she still fills her songs with dramatic emoting. Even the album cover, a black-and-white photo of the two in silhouette, looks as if it’s inspired by the ’90s-era Time Life “Quiet Storm” CD series. But the throwback vibe that dominates isn’t a problem at all. Good songs about bad breakups are, unlike marriage vows, timeless.

    Read the full excerpt on

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  • Toni Braxton Reunites With ‘Musical Husband’ Babyface on Duets Album: Q&A (via Billboard)

    “We broke up and got back together,” Braxton says of Babyface. The R&B duo talks “Love, Marriage & Divorce” with Billboard

    They first sang together on the 1992 R&B/pop hit “Give U My Heart” from the “Boomerang” soundtrack. Now Toni Braxton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds have reunited for the duets album, “Love, Marriage & Divorce” (Motown).

    Released today (Feb. 4), the 11-track set delivers a soulful treatise on relationships sensuously narrated by Babyface’s silky tenor and Braxton’s earthy, deep vocals. Their enduring chemistry has already spun off the top 15 R&B hit “Hurt You” and new second single “Where Did We Go Wrong?” Upcoming appearances for the duo include TV’s “Good Morning America” (airing Feb. 7), “Live With Kelly and Michael” (Feb.  7) and “Conan” (Feb. 11), a three-week guest stint together in Broadway’s “After Midnight” (starting March 18) as well as a concert tour later this year.

    Braxton, who got her start on the L.A. Reid and Babyface-helmed La Face Records, will also publish her memoir, “Unbreak My Heart” (HarperCollins) on May 20. Below, she and Babyface recount their journey through “Love, Marriage & Divorce.”

    Billboard: Toni, at one point you said you were done with music. And Babyface, it’s been six years between solo albums for you. What coaxed you both back into the studio?
    Babyface: Artists who have done a lot of albums can sometimes get to the point where doing songs becomes more about making sure you can get a hit single. And in that process you can you’re your love of doing music that just comes out naturally. Every artist gets caught up in that at some point. Then you find yourself being a little gun shy; worried about people’s opinions. You get tired of the game. It’s not fun.

    So I got it when Toni said she was tired of it. But at the same time you owe it to your fans as well as to yourself to push beyond those feelings because you were given a gift. When you can touch people, you just don’t give up on it.

    That’s what our goal was when we sat down again. Let’s go back into the studio, figure out what to say and do it in a way where it’s fun and feels good. We didn’t know what was going to happen. We could have gone after it and nothing could have happened. But it was the opposite. It clicked immediately.

    Braxton: Kenny has been showing me how to stop thinking like an artist and just be who I am. He told me just sing the song and enjoy it. Don’t think just about the commercial part of being the artist. Think about the artist who loves painting by himself and draws this beautiful portrait. That’s how you have to think of music now. You forgot.

    I would always try to get a Kenny song on all of my projects. But this is the first time we’ve worked together in a while. He’s my husband, really … my musical husband. We broke up and got back together.

    Wasn’t it rumored early on that this would be a covers album?

    Braxton: We talked about a lot of different ideas, including incorporating some covers and doing original duets. Pretty much for me I was moving in the dark, feeling my way around. But Kenny was guiding me through it.

    Babyface: Covers … that would have been kind of predictable.

    Braxton: At one point as we were talking about the project, Kenny said, “OK, Toni. Something’s going on. You’re not in a good space. Talk to me.” When I started talking to him about my life, where I was personally with my divorce, he said I needed to talk about it, to make this therapeutic. Then he came up with this concept.

    And you both co-wrote the songs?

    Braxton: Yes. Sometimes it was hard, I can’t deny it. He’s played songs and I’ve said, Kenny that’s a great song, that’s it. And he’ll say it’s not quite right yet. So he’s been helping me become disciplined in my artistry because I forgot how to do that.

    But I’m also coming from a lady’s perspective and he’s coming from a guy’s. So sometimes we bumped heads creatively, of course. I’m like no, that’s not how women think. I’m sorry, Kenny, you have to have a vagina to understand that. That’s a penis way of talking [they both laugh]. We think differently, and that’s great. But it comes together. We complement each other well.

    Babyface: Before, it was Toni, this is what we’re going to do. You sing it and we go. This was far more than that. Toni has grown a lot and had a lot more to offer in terms of writing and debating what the lyrics should or shouldn’t be and the structure of the songs. She gave her opinion and I rode with it. It helped tremendously.

    What was your reaction when you first heard “Hurt You” on the radio?

    Braxton: That was one of the first songs we wrote and recorded. When it came out, I’m like what’s it going to do the first week, the second week? I began thinking like a commercial artist again. But I learned when I first signed with Babyface and L.A.—and am learning [again ]—that it’s much more than just wanting  to sing. You’ve got to feel the emotion in order to narrate the story and reach people. Since I’ve stopped thinking about it so much, it’s all been coming back to me.

    Babyface: We’ve gone back and forth on some ideas. But I’ve let this be Toni’s record. Every key is her key …

    Braxton: Yes, thank goodness.

    Babyface: That’s why I’m talking like this [lapses into a deep voice as they both laugh]. But from the moment she sang her first note and everybody in the room heard her voice, we’re like “Oh, my God.  There it is. We missed it.” It sent chills down our spines. The excitement was there from that first song. It was “We’re in the zone. It’s going to be OK. We just have to write a lot more songs.”

    This could have been an anger-fueled missive a la Marvin Gaye’s “Here, My Dear.” But the album is a balanced look at relationships.

    Babyface: interestingly enough, we both have great relationships with our exes. Going through divorce can be rough, but you’ve got to get by.

    Braxton: My divorce wasn’t final when Babyface and I were working together. Because I was angry and hurt, there were still some I-hate-you moments for me. But they were short-lived.

    Babyface: We were going back and forth on one song at one point. Toni said it was too nice. But I said that’s who you are. We can show the hurt and painful sides but also the hope beyond. It’s not the end of the world. You can’t let that stop you from living your life, being the person you’ve always been or the artist you are. You’re supposed to embrace everything to help you learn the next steps to take.  So the music has been therapeutic in terms of getting out what you need to get out or have a better understanding of how you should be thinking.

    Braxton: We didn’t want this to be typical: the guy cheats on the girl and she’s devastated. Sometimes women have infidelity issues. Sometimes guys get stuck with alimony; sometimes women get stuck with the alimony. Sometimes women pay the bills and do everything. We wanted to talk a little about all of those things.

    Read the entire article via

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  • “Love, Marriage & Divorce” is USA Today’s Album of the Week!

    (Excerpt taken from USA Today)

    “A new album pairing two veterans arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, but LM&D finds Braxton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds with more on their mind than flowers or chocolates. While the duets document romantic turbulence, the arrangements are predictably smooth – as is the singing. There are a few solo showcases: Babyface blows off a lover with silky dexterity on “I Hope That You’re Okay”, while Braxton exudes both tender longing and spite on the lush “I Wish” There are naughty touches such as “Sweat”, which advocates proactive lovemaking as an alternative to makeup sex. But the key ingredient on LM&D isn’t sugar or spice, ultimately, but rather wistfulness.” – Elyssa Gardner


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  • Toni & Babyface Talk Love Marriage & Divorce With Uptown Magazine!


    Icons Toni Braxton and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds are in the midst of the reunion project, Love Marriage & Divorce, that’s inspired by their own publicly rocky former relationships. But while it’s fodder for new music, the past has no place in this duo’s future. It is all about what’s next. And from what we’ve found out, there’s plenty ahead.

    “One of the reasons why I became the success I am today is because of Babyface,” says Toni Braxton during a break in filming her clan’s wildly popular WE TV reality show Braxton Family Values. “He said [to L.A. Reid,] ‘She’s Babyface meets Anita Baker, we should sign her.’ And that’s how it started.”

    Continuing her trip down her personal A Star Is Born memory lane, the sassy songstress says, “He saw the vision at ‘Hello.’ He’s the one who said, ‘Let’s put her on the Boomerang ‘soundtrack’. So he introduced me to the world!”

    Those were the good ole days. If the 1960s and 1970s represent the golden era of black music, then the early 1990s is arguably its platinum one—as an explosion of crossover hits served up in a myriad of fashions from the likes of newcomers En Vogue, Jodeci and Mariah Carey and established artists like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson soared up Billboard’s charts. Even teen rap duo Kriss Kross became musical tapestry for Generation Xers of all walks. And the Boomerang soundtrack, which gave Boyz II Men their biggest career hit with “End of the Road,” landed right in the middle of this activity in June 1992. The opus, released by LaFace Records—an upstart Atlanta-based subsidiary of Arista Records founded by hitmaking producers Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Edmonds in 1989—also boasted tracks from A Tribe Called Quest, Johnny Gill, Grace Jones, P.M. Dawn and, yes, an R&B ingenue named Toni Braxton.

    Babyface, or “Face,” as he is affectionately known, was already a bona fide recording star (as the “Whip Appeal”-singing solo crooner, and with the R&B group The Deele, who gave us “Shoot ’Em Up Movies” and the Quiet Storm staple “Two Occasions”) and an in-demand music producer for Whitney Houston, Pebbles and Bobby Brown, among others, by the time Boomerang was released. So naturally he recorded for and produced the hit film’s soundtrack.

    “Give U My Heart,” his duet with Braxton, was the first single. It hit the Top 30 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart, peaking at No. 2 on the R&B chart. The soundtrack itself reached No. 4 on Billboard’s 200 and topped the R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums chart. Braxton’s solo hit on the soundtrack, “Love Shoulda Brought You Home,” inspired by a line in the film, propelled her self-titled solo debut album, released July 13, 1993, and served as her official entry into the pop music pantheon.

    Today is not then, however. Twenty years later, Braxton has endured many ups and downs, all while in the limelight. From messy financial and legal woes, including well-publicized bankruptcies, and a marriage and divorce to Mint Condition drummer/keyboardist Keri Lewis to very public health challenges (recently with her own lupus and her son Diezel’s autism), amid the insanity of the music industry, all while delivering a noteworthy body of work and maintaining a loyal fan base.

    After conquering the worlds of R&B/Pop and Dance charts with her 1996 global No. 1 megahit “Un-Break My Heart,” Braxton didn’t rest on her laurels. A much-heralded 1998 Broadway debut in Disney’s Beauty & the Beast exposed her versatility, while opening her up to new audiences—and so did her brief Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo hotel (which she ended early due to health problems). Proving that anything is worth a try, Braxton even took to the big screen in the 2001 dramedy Kingdom Come, alongside Whoopi Goldberg, LL Cool J and Jada Pinkett Smith.

    Life hasn’t been a cakewalk for Babyface either. While he has remained active behind the scenes, producing a Music Hall of Fame worth of artists, even now, with the success of new pop sensation Ariana Grande’s debut album, Yours Truly, on which he wrote and produced several songs, including her hit Top 40 single “Baby I,” his solo career has waned in recent years. Plus, his personal life has also had its ups and downs. His 1992 marriage to Tracey Edmonds, with whom he produced several movies in various capacities, including Soul Food and Hav Plenty, and fathered two sons, came to an end in 2005. He also endured a reportedly bitter falling out with Reid (a former X-Factor judge and now the head of Epic Records) that resulted in the dissolution of LaFace, which, in addition to Braxton, enjoyed multiplatinum success with Usher, TLC, OutKast and Pink. Today, he has found love once again with his fiancée Nicole “Nikki” Pantenburg, a former dancer (Janet Jackson) with whom he welcomed daughter Peyton in 2008. Their 2014 nuptials will be his third.

    These ups and downs worked as inspiration for Braxton and Babyface reuniting. They have joined forces for three high-profile collaborations: the duets album Love Marriage & Divorce, which has already produced the Top 5 Urban Contemporary hit “Hurt You,” arriving February 4; a stint in March with the Broadway musical After Midnight, which features music crafted by Wynton Marsalis celebrating Harlem’s zenith during the 1920s and 1930s when its legendary nightclubs ruled Manhattan nightlife, in roles Fantasia and Dulé Hill originated; and, finally, a national tour.

    These developments are especially impressive in light of Braxton’s widely reported decision to quit the music business. “I was in a small place in my life and I was going to retire,” Braxton explains. “It’s not even a question. I said, ‘I’m tired of fighting.’ I was feeling sorry for myself. I was depressed over where my career was going. I was also down with my health,” she continues. “I found out that I developed blood clots and I couldn’t get a grip on this lupus. I didn’t know what was going on with me. I was just in a very uncomfortable place in my life and where I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to be.”

    Startlingly, she shares: “[I was] not suicidal, but it was a close relative. I’ve got my kids to live for, but I was in a hopeless stage in my life.” Good music industry comrades like Michael McDonald, Fantasia and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott helped calm her down. “It’s like when you’re going through things and you think you’re the only one. They told me, ‘We’ve all felt that, and we’ve been there but it’s not time.’ It helped me a bit. But Babyface was the most influential of all those people in getting me back to it,” she reveals.

    “Toni was kind of just talking about giving up, just not really wanting to record anymore—she was not just having fun at it anymore,” Face shares. “I didn’t think that was a very good idea. I talked her into changing her mind.”

    “You know, you can get frustrated with the music industry, but I never get frustrated with the music.” he says. “The music is what drives us to begin with. So I don’t think I ever lost sight of that.”

    Besides Love Marriage & Divorce seems like a no-brainer: a concept project featuring two of the biggest talents in the industry, who also share a unique musical relationship. It’s not husband and wife (Ashford and Simpson), not father and daughter (Natalie and Nat King Cole) or brother and sister (BeBe and CeCe Winans). The real question is: What the hell took them so long?

    “It wasn’t anything particular,” says Face, a 10-time Grammy winner. “I guess we never really thought about it before. You know you just go through life and you do what you do and you live.”

    Still, their partnership wasn’t easy. “Working with Toni was a little bit different than working with her years ago, because now, we’re dealing with a grown-up Toni who certainly has her own opinion in how she thinks things should be. So we went through a lot of compromises putting this record together,” he reveals.

    “We were kind of on and off,” he adds. “We started off good, then we slowed down for a bit and just tried to find the things that made sense. We battled on certain songs.”

    Despite her well-known reputation for being otherwise, Braxton says there was nothing diva-ish in her actions. “When I first met Babyface, I was this wide-eyed artist, I was green and I was just happy to be there. I had the mindset of, ‘Mold me, make me, what do you think I should be?’” she recalls.

    “But, now, I’m an artist like he is: established. I have my own opinions. I know how I want my music to be, so I had to remind him: ‘Kenny, I’m your baby sister, but I have breasts and I have boyfriends. You have to accept that I’m grown up now.’ That was the one big adjustment for him. It was nothing negative, nothing negative at all.”

    And Babyface, who has worked with the likes of Aretha, Whitney and Mariah, being the diva whisperer he is, well, adjusted to her demands. “Most of the album I did in Toni’s key,” he admits. “So I did more compromising in terms of trying to figure out the keys, trying to figure out how to sing. Our voices are pretty different from one another in terms of keys, but it ended up working out really well. My main thing was for Toni to shine like she should.”

    Success in this day and age, especially from veteran artists, is hard to come by. “While I think there is an audience for their work, especially the crowd that grew up on their sound and is now older and more mature—let’s call it the Essence Music Festival demographic—it might be challenging for them to reach newer and younger audiences, if that is even their aim,” says Dr. Jason King, associate professor at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. “The perceived value of R&B and soul music has changed drastically, and it’s also increasingly a game for teens and tweens more than it is an adult contemporary market.”

    Braxton shares that she was far more worried about today’s music rat race than Babyface. “He told me, ‘Toni, you have to stop thinking about selling records. Don’t look at it that way, just have fun.’” Face says, “Ultimately my position was to just make it feel good… We weren’t about chasing the trends of whatever is happening now.” After all the trends aren’t what made Toni Braxton and Babyface. Trends don’t build legends.

    Playing it safe doesn’t either. And that’s where Broadway comes in. After Midnight marks Braxton’s Broadway return and Babyface’s Broadway debut. “That wasn’t necessarily in my planning,” says Face, who is among the newest Hollywood Walk of Fame honorees. “It’s something that I’ve been approached with a number of times. I’ve always been a lover of Broadway musicals and just Broadway in general. I’ve always come to New York and have gone to plays. That’s one of the things I love to do. I like to bring my kids to New York to see Broadway shows, so it’s not strange to me in that sense. The only thing that’s unique in this case is me actually being on a Broadway stage,” he says.

    “I’m a student of everything, but I’m particularly drawn to music from that Cotton Club era. It is something that, of course, I’m not used to” Face continues, “but it’s something that I’m certainly excited about trying to take my go at, so to say. I think the fact that Toni and I are doing it together is smart. She has done Broadway, so it’s kind of old hat for her at this point.”

    One of the show’s producers, Carol Fineman, agrees: “We can’t wait to hear Toni wrap her silky, sexy voice around these timeless songs. She’s already proven she has the chops for Broadway, and now we expect real fireworks when we team her vocal prowess and style with both Babyface and the hottest big band Broadway’s ever heard.”

    Whether it’s Broadway or a duets album, Babyface says Braxton is the deciding factor. “For me, the songs are what they are. And there are really some great songs there,” he says of their album, Love Marriage & Divorce. “I’m really excited about Toni and hearing her voice,” he gushes. “I realized how much I missed Toni Braxton. It’s so nice to hear her again.”

    Full article on Uptown HERE.

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  • Babyface Talks to Deion Sanders About Tracey Edmonds

    In 2005, after 13 years of marriage, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and his second wife, Tracey, shocked the entertainment world with the announcement that they were divorcing. Tracey is currently dating former NFL superstar Deion Sanders. On “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Babyface opened up about his friendship with his ex-wife and his feelings on her new relationship. Watch HERE.

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  • Why Kenny Shies Away From His Star Status

    In October 2013, 10-time Grammy winner Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even after receiving this honor, Babyface says he still doesn’t think of himself as a star, but he will accept the fact that he’s a starmaker. Find out how he’s learning to embrace his celebrity status.

    Watch the full episode of Oprah Winfrey Next Chapter: Babyface airs tomorrow, November 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • Kenny’s Words of Caution for Young Artists

    Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, a celebrated musician, producer and songwriter, says young singers who are discovered on reality TV competitions are “on a crash course.” Watch as Babyface shares words of caution for these up-and-coming artists, and find out why he says most instant celebrities won’t survive the harsh media scrutiny.

    <iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” src=”″></iframe>

    Watch the full episode of Oprah Winfrey Next Chapter: Babyface airs this Sunday, November 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • How Deion Sanders Earned Kenny’s Admiration

    In 2005, after 13 years of marriage, Kenny and his second wife, Tracey, shocked the entertainment world with the announcement that they were divorcing. Tracey is now dating former NFL superstar Deion Sanders, star of the upcoming OWN reality series Deion’s Family Playbook. Watch as Babyface discusses his current relationship with Tracey and shares how Deion earned his admiration.

    Watch the full episode of Oprah Winfrey Next Chapter: Babyface airs this Sunday, November 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

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  • Exclusive Fan Pre-Sale for “After Midnight” Now LIVE!

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    Be first in line to get the best tickets to see Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds as he joins Toni Braxton and a cast of 40 singers, dancers, and musicians on Broadway in AFTER MIDNIGHT!
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  • “Love, Marriage & Divorce” Now Scheduled For February 4th Release, In Advance Of Valentine’s Day

    (Oct. 24, 2013 – New York, NY) –  Following the success of their #3 Urban AC smash duet single “Hurt You” on Motown Records, multi-platinum superstars Toni Braxton and Babyface have now scheduled the release of Love, Marriage & Divorce, their first album of duets together, for February 4th, 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

    Love, Marriage & Divorce is a long time coming for Toni Braxton and Babyface, who share an all-time total of 16 Grammy Awards® between them.  The album celebrates the strong bond that has been in place between the two artists ever since their first duet on Toni’s 1992 debut, “Give U My Heart,” the R&B smash co-written and co-produced by Babyface (from the Boomerang movie soundtrack).

    For Babyface, Love, Marriage & Divorce will be his first new studio album in nearly seven years, since Playlist (released September 2007), which hit the Top 10 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart on the strength of his rendition of James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain.”  For Toni, Love, Marriage & Divorce will be her first new studio album in nearly four years, since Pulse (May 2010), the #1 R&B album containing the hit single “Yesterday” featuring Trey Songz.

    For more information, go to :

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  • Toni Braxton & Kenny Babyface Edmonds join Broadway’s “After Midnight”


    Multi-Platinum superstars Toni Braxton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds will be joining the roster of “Special Guest Star” vocalists in the new Broadway musical After Midnight.  With an impressive 16 Grammy Awards between them, Braxton and Edmonds will join the company on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 through Sunday, March 30, 2014.  As previously announced,After Midnight will reintroduce the Cotton Club’s exciting tradition of welcoming the stars of today in limited engagements throughout the musical’s run.  After Midnight will begin preview performances at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre (256 West 47th Street) on Friday, October 18, 2013 with an official opening night set for Sunday, November 3, 2013.  Tickets for Braxton and Edmonds’ engagement will go on sale Monday, November 4, 2013.

    Toni Braxton and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds teamed up for their first album of duets, Love, Marriage & Divorce, arriving in storesDecember 3, 2013 on Motown Records.  “Hurt You” is earning critical raves and is already Top 10 on the Billboard charts. The duo first collaborated on a duet for Braxton’s smash 1992 debut, Give U My Heart, which was co-written and co-produced by “Babyface.”

    The distinctive, sultry vocals of six-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist Toni Braxton have been celebrated internationally since the release of her self-titled debut album in 1993. The album sold over 10 million copies and garnered Toni’s first Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female R&B Vocal (“Another Sad Love Song”). Toni’s second Best Female R&B Vocal Grammy came the following year for “Breathe Again.” Her second album, Secrets, arrived in 1996 selling over 15 million copies worldwide. At the 1997 Grammy Awards, Toni became the second woman in history to win Best Female Pop Vocal and Best Female R&B Vocal in the same year for “Un-break My Heart” and “You’re Makin’ Me High,” respectively. She returned to the Grammy podium in 2001 to claim another Best Female R&B Vocal award for “He Wasn’t Man Enough” from the double-platinum album The Heat. In recent years, Toni’s acting career blossomed with roles on Broadway in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Aida, as well a dramatic turn in the Lifetime movie “Twist of Faith.”

    10-time Grammy Award – winning recording artist Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds has been revolutionizing the contemporary pop/Urban music landscape ever since scoring consecutive multi-platinum landmark albums with Tender Lover (1989, with R&B smashes “It’s No Crime,” “Tender Love,” “Whip Appeal,” “My Kinda Girl”); For the Cool In You (1993, with hit singles “For the Cool In You,” “Never Keeping Secrets,” “And Our Feelings,” “When Can I See You”); and The Day (1996, with “This Is For the Lover In You” and “Every Time I Close My Eyes”).  Edmonds co-founded Atlanta’s LaFace Records with L.A. Reid in 1989 and nurtured the careers of megastars TLC, OutKast, Goodie Mob, Usher, and (starting in 1993) Toni Braxton. Edmonds also lent his talents to an abundance of hits with artists ranging from Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Boyz II Men, to Mariah Carey, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Mary J. Blige, John Mellencamp, Aretha Franklin, Fall Out Boy, P!nk, Beyoncé, Anthony Hamilton, and many others. Under Edmonds’ belt are more than 125 Top 10 R&B and pop hits, 42 R&B #1 hits, and 51 Top 10 Pop hits (including 16 #1’s), which have generated cumulative single and album sales of more than 500 million units worldwide. Most recent production work with other artists includes Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Keri Hilson, Ledisi and Ariana Grande. At the same time, “Babyface” is an active touring artist, performing concerts across the U.S. and around the world on a regular basis.

    For more information, click here.

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  • Dont miss Babyface & Toni on Heart & Soul at 11 am!

    Tune in to Sirius XM’s Heart and Soul today at 11 a.m. EST, Kenny and Toni stop by “The Morning Get Up” to talk about their new album of duets, “Love, Marriage, & Divorce” with Mike Shannon! Listen here.

    Then, at 12 p.m. EST make sure to listen to the Heart & Soul Labor Day Weekend, featuring Kenny, Toni, and more!

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  • Kenny Babyface Edmonds & Toni Braxton are putting out album this Fall!

    (July 11, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA) – Ten-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, philanthropist and label owner  Kenny “Babyface” Edmondsand six-time GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer and philanthropist Toni Braxton are recording a duet album together to be released by Motown Records in the Fall. Kenny will begin his solo North American tour on July 12 in Illinois.

    Few creative forces have achieved the level of success and admiration that Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds has. In a relatively short amount of time, he has reached iconic stature, revolutionizing the contemporary pop/urban genres and forever impacting music as a whole with his expertise in songwriting, performing and producing. OnEdmonds’ 11 solo albums, he shows his impeccably crafted explorations of love, romance and relationships. He has written and produced chart-topping music for megastar acts like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, TLC, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, John Mellencamp, Aretha Franklin, Kanye West, Pink and many others. His career has generated single and album sales in excess of over 500 million copies worldwide. According to Billboard magazine, he has achieved over 125 Top Ten R&B and pop hits, 42 #1 R&B hits, 16 #1 pop songs, 51 Top 10 pop hits and 5 Top 10 R&B albums.  Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds has been touring non-stop around the world for the past few years, leaving audiences in Japan, Asia, Europe, Russia, many Caribbean islands and the U. S. in soulful bliss.

    Edmonds’ charitable work is as impressive as his professional accomplishments. His caring and generosity have garnered him several awards, including the Essence Award for Excellence, The City of Hope Award and Variety’s “Top of the Town” Honoree Award. In 2008, Edmonds combined his musical prowess with his charitable efforts, co-writing and producing the song  “Just Stand Up” with longtime partner Antonio “L. A.” Reid, which served as the backbone of a multi-network breast cancer awareness special. The song featured such current heavyweights as Beyonce, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crow. Most recently, Edmonds and Reid were honored by the Noble Awards for their contribution to Stand Up To Cancer. Edmonds most recent production with other artists include Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Keri Hilson, Ledisi and Ariana Grande.

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